Under new Management...

Exciting times!

The Bridport Music Centre is under new management.

And with it comes a MUSIC SHOP MAKEOVER.

Yes, It’s all new.

From the moment you walk inside you’re fascinated.

It has the look and feel of a 1980’s music store.

The first thing you’ll notice it the musical memorabilia.

Above your head there’s a selection of T-shirts from your favourite bands.

Posters all around like in the old days.

New Vinyl at the other end of the shop.

Preloved vinyl to be found in the new section called “Doghouse.”

Definitely worth searching through.

CDs also at the other end of the shop.

New CD’s are opposite new vinyl.

Preloved are in the Doghouse section at the back of the shop.

You never know what you may find.

And guitars.

And guitars...

Left-handed acoustics from Tanglewood, as well as ¾ size for younger players.

A handful of featured guitars that have all been played before.

Including a rare 1970’s Fender classical.

Guitar amps, strings, straps, effect pedals, bottlenecks, tuners, stands, leads and more.

And If f you’re a Ukulele fan there’s plenty to choose from, even semi-acoustic ones.

There are also plenty of music tuition books for acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele and piano.

The shop wouldn’t be complete without a percussion section.

After all, the new owner is a drummer in a local band called “The DT’s.”

You’ll see Tongue drums. The sounds they make will astound you.

Plus there’s all kinds of instruments from around the world you can use as rhythm. Some you hit, some you rattle and others you shake.

Every day people come in and enjoy browsing our shop.

If you love music, you’ll love it here.

See for yourself, you’ll find us at 33a South Street. 01308 455 660

And we’re now on Facebook.