Bridport comes alive with the sound of music... Music... MUSIC...

Exciting times!

Bridport Music Centre has changed hands.

And the new management have made some amazing changes already.

For starters the front of the shop looks totally different.

But more than that, there’s a whole new look and feel when you walk inside. Visitors have told us how great the shop looks with all of it's new changes.

Come in and browse, we're always getting new and secondhand vinyl, new and secondhand CD's, new and secondhand guitars and amps. Plus a whole host of accessories for various musical instruments.

We're at 33a South Street Bridport, DT6 3NY. 01308 455 660

All new section...

Hundreds of Vinyl to choose from all listed alphabetically.

Each album and every CD is manually checked for quality and play ability.

Vinyl Classics

From your favourite musicians...

From Abba to ZZ Top. We have over 500 albums in stock for you to choose from.

All in good condition ready to enjoy.

Music - Music - Music

Racks of interesting, sometimes hard to find CD’s.

We have both the classic and the obscure.

Everything is listed alphabetically so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

And if you like surprises there’s one or two albums of interest.

Album Art

Let your friends know what you like

Decorate your space and make it awesome with these replica album covers. Stunning to look at nd a visual reminder of your preferred tastes in music.

T-Shirts of Your Favourite Artists

Pink Floyd


Bob Dylan

Featured Guitars

In this section we showcase some of our latest acquisitions.

The all new Tanglewood acoustic guitars

Electrifying news! (Excuse the pun.)

Just in this week the NEW range of Tanglewood guitars.

The one here is an Electro Acoustic with Built in Chromatic Tuner.

And – get this -  on the side of this great sounding guitar is a volume knob.

A presence slider.

A bass, middle and treble slider.

The shape is known as ‘Dreadnought’ and the body is made from mahogany.

The first thing I thought when I started playing it was, how can they do all of this for the price they are asking?

It’s light. It looks good and sounds great on its own or through an amp.

As with all Tanglewood guitars it comes with a Quality Control Certificate.

Other Guitars

You’ll also discover left-handed Tanglewood acoustic guitars.

And for the right-handed there are several nylon string guitars, including 3/4 size Tanglewood acoustic guitars for younger players.

At Bridport's Music Centre you can always guarantee to find something new, unusual and different...

But wait, there's more...

Music Memorabilia

As you walk into the shop you're greeted by a selection of musical memorabilia.

There's fascinating CD's to check out on your left as you walk in. And on the table directly in front of you.
If you're a fan of posters we have some interesting ones to view.

Accessories for Guitar

On top of the table at the far end of the shop you'll find all manner of plectrums for guitar.

and there are a number of effect pedals, and guitar footstools. As these are always changing, it's best to come in and see which ones are here.

Anything Music Related

If someone you love is a musician and you're not sure what to buy them. We have some answers.

There are all kinds of fun,unusual and even bizarre items throughout Bridport's Music Centre. We even have a selection of cards with a music theme.

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